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Meet the Producers

The following producers are offering their products through Farm to Folk. Some offer CSA shares, some a la carte, and some offer both.

Audubon County Farm

Cindy Madsen

We grow a variety of crops, most are organic, in the rolling hills southwest of Audubon, Iowa.  The corn, oats, other small grains, hay and pasture we raise are fed to the livestock on our farm.

Our animals are raised the environmentally friendly way in straw, cornstalks, or woodchip bedded farm buildings and hoop barns.  We feed a vegetarian diet of organic corn, soybean meal, vitamins and minerals, and a little organic oats or other small grains.  No antibiotics, drugs, hormones or animal by-products are used in the feed.

We offer our products “a la carte” and will be coming to the distribution site, usually the second Tuesday of the month, to deliver chickens, pork, honey and candles. Please order directly to

Berry Patch Farm

Dean, Judy and Mike Henry, Lee Matteson

IPM crops


At Berry Patch Farm we are producing fruits using Integrated Pest Management and sustainable methods.  We monitor and scout for problems, use minimal sprays and biological balance. We will offer fruit a la carte.  


Cory Family Farm

Tom and Mary Cory and family

The Cory Family Cory Family Farm; We are a family farming operation located in NE Polk County in central Iowa. Our farm was recognized as a century farm in 2009.
Our family is learning about managed rotational grazing and utilizing holistic practices with our livestock and our land. 

Our family has successfully marketed frozen, packaged lamb at the Des Moines Farmers’ Market and the Ames Main Street Market. 2014 is our 18th year of marketing quality meat products. We strive to involve our children in all aspects of our farming operation in order to teach them about healthy food production, animal husbandry and entrepreneurship skills. Our family is active in the Practical Farmers of Iowa organization and we are always looking to expand our holistic agricultural knowledge as well as network with other like-minded folks.
Our meat is processed at the Mingo Locker in Jasper County and at the Story City Locker in Story City. We offer beef and lamb by the individual package or by the more economical “bundle”.  A “beef bundle” is 35-40# of packaged meat that includes a variety of cuts and will fit in the freezer compartment above a refrigerator. Have you tried our new all natural beef stick? It is high protein, low-carb, the perfect “pack ‘n go” snack. It will provide enduring energy!
Our family would love the opportunity to meet you. You know your doctor, you know your lawyer, get to know us, your FARMER! We host two open houses each year known as the “Farm Cruise”.
Our beef and lamb is all natural, finished exclusively on grass pasture and high quality dried forage, NO antibiotics, NO growth hormones – – – Locally produced and processed!
We also market our products through the Iowa Food Coop, Farm To Folk in Ames, on-farm sales and weekly home delivery.
We take orders for meat chickens usually in Late Winter/Early Spring, since we raise our meat chickens in the Spring/Summer months.
Visit our Cory Family Farm website to sign up for our weekly newsletter and be informed about current farm product information. Follow us on Facebook at

Flavor of the Sun Farm

Jennifer and Byron Olson

fs chickens

Domesticated from jungle birds, we believe chickens are instinctively forgers. They desire to scratch for bugs and search for grains and berries. Our land allows them to feed off existing vegetation. We do not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

We preserve heritage birds listed by the American Livestock Breed Conservatory and the Ark of Taste. Our chickens are pastured using a rotational grazing method. In the cold winter months, the chickens roam in a large high tunnel to give the best approximation of free ranging in the full sun. Their diet is supplemented with organic layer feed.

In the summer we raise broilers in the French red label style using a paddock shift system through our woods and pasture. Birds are moved under and between trees where they can search out insects, berries, and pre-planted forage (turnip and radish greens). They are free to roam while being protected from predators and the elements via electric net fencing and portable housing. They receive natural sunlight, high quality organic feed, and special attention from the time they arrive on the farm until they are delivered to the state inspected abattoir. Unlike many broilers, our birds develop strong bones, a full set of feathers, and can even fly.

As we only grow our birds in small batches, we limit reservation in each flock to only 80 birds. Processed birds range from 2.5 – 5 lbs and are delivered fresh. We estimate pre-ordered birds will cost $3.75 per pound.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or special requests. We are very excited to hear from you.

We'll offer egg shares and a la carte.

Early Morning Harvest

Jeff Hafner and Earl Hafner

Early Morning Harvest is a small-family farm raising vegetables in an aquaponics greenhouse, as well as ; pastured poultry for egg production; and flours made from certified organic cereal grains (wheat, rye, buckwheat, and corn meal) raised on our farm or other organic farms. We take pride in the fact that no synthetic chemicals are used on our farm. Our highest priority is caring for our land and animals so that the food we grow and offer to our community is fresh and healthy.

We will offer our products through the a la carte system at Farm to Folk.

The Homestead

Eric Armbrecht, vocational director

homestead csa share

The Homestead operates a six-acre farm and grows Certified Naturally Grown® produce for its Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. The CSA is staffed by residents of The Homestead's campus residential program and overseen by trained farm professionals. Through this program, The Homestead provides delicious fruits and vegetables to our community and wonderful learning and vocational opportunities for individuals served by our programs. CSA members receives a weekly basket of fresh produce throughout the growing season, usually 18 to 20 weeks. We grow more than 30 varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs on our farm outside Pleasant Hill, Iowa. We strive to grow not only Midwestern garden staples, but heirloom and unique varieties as well. Single and double shares are available as well as some a la carte items.

Iowa Fresh Produce

Bruce Smith

Iowa Fresh Produce is a low input, sustainable farming operation.  We have always encouraged our children to forage in the garden for whatever they want whenever, without worry that they would be exposed to areas where chemicals were used.  We use no chemical fertilizer, are GMO free and use organic approved methods when possible.  Crop rotation, mechanical and physical cultivation are used for weed control.  Compost, green manure crops, and manure from area farms are used for fertility.   We use such products as NEEM, Bt and bonide for pest and disease pressure.

We will offer a wide variety of produce including green and yellow beans, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cucumber, eggplant, garlic, onions, greens, herbs, leeks, lettuces, melons, onions, oriental vegetables, peas, peppers, radishes, rhubarb, shallots, spinach, tomatoes, turnips, and zucchini and possibly some surprises as a veggie share and a la carte.

Elizabella Flower Farm (previously Jumping Bean Farm)

Beth Kemp

Jumping Bean Farm, now called Elizabella Flower Farm, was born out of a deep love of fresh food, family and joyful living. Beth Kemp farms a small field on her family's land north-east of Nevada, IA using natural, organic methods. The real passion for being a farmer snuck up on Beth slowly, what started out as a lark has bloomed into a sustainable business providing healthy, tasty food and beautiful flower bouquets to the local area. Lucky for her, the rest of the Jumping Bean Family loves being along for the ride! When Beth is not farming she can be found cooking up dinner for friends, helping her husband turn silverware into fine jewelry, teaching canning classes or finding something to laugh loudly about.

Flowers will be offered as CSA shares and a la carte.

beth kemp

Iowa Choice Harvest

     Iowa Choice Harvest launched in 2013 and is currently owned by 28 Iowa member owners. 60% of our member owners are Iowa producers and 40% are Iowa non-producers. Our mission is to connect our customers with earth-conscious Iowa farmers who grow high-quality fruits and vegetables. We purchase crops from Iowa farmers and individually quick freeze them to maintain the highest quality taste possible. Our sweet corn is harvested and frozen on the same day.
Our fruits and vegetables are selected by variety for great flavor and are harvested at the produce’s peak of ripeness. Our products have no added sodium, sugars, ascorbic acid, preservatives, or any other additives. We use only non-GMO seed for our sweet corn, which is produced by two farmers in Polk and Benton counties. We freeze our sweet corn the same day it is picked to preserve the best flavor and sweetness


Lee's Greens

Lee Matteson and Rose Schick

Lee's Greens, LLC is owned and operated by Lee Matteson and Rose Schick, two Iowa State University Horticulture alums who have over 20 years of greenhouse experience between them. After working several years together at The Berry Patch Farm, they decided to start a greenhouse operation near Nevada, Iowa. Lee's Greens provides fresh, locally grown, high quality produce from heated greenhouses during off-season production times.  For example - salad greens during late fall, winter, and early spring.  Early tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, and cucumbers starting in May. Outside produce is grown during the normal growing season. For 2015 we will offer both CSA shares and a la carte.

lee's greens
Lee's Greens is a small 3 acre farm with 1 acre of heated greenhouses.  The main focus is growing produce off-season in raised soil beds in heated greenhouses. They also grow fruits and vegetables outside on the remaining 2 acres. Lee's Greens uses chemicals only when needed.  Most crops that are grown in the greenhouses do not require chemicals.  If it becomes necessary to control an insect or disease problem, reduced-risk chemicals are utilized following current Integrated Pest Management practices and following all the rules and regulations associated with their use. All greenhouse beds are filled with field soil.  Supplemental liquid fertilizer is used as necessary.  Compost from greenhouse waste is added to increase fertility. All greenhouse crops are watered with drip irrigation to conserve water use.  Most field crops will also utilize drip irrigation.

Mary's Farm and Garden

Mary Hillman

mary hillman Mary's Farm & Garden has developed from a life-long love of farming and a healthy ifestyle.  What began as a means to feed a family of four daughters in a healthy manner has expanded to sharing the "quality of life" with others through providing all natural fresh eggs, poultry, produce and quality canned goods.  Mary's Farm is located in Junction Township-Green County just 30 minutes from Ames--second home to this ISU Alum.

Laying Hens and Ducks--I use feed products without growth hormones--all vegetable diet.  I am working towards organic feed-non GMO products.  Hens and ducks run free daily over the six acre farm returning to the barn at night for safety.  Hens enjoy NPR classical music while laying in their wooden straw nests.

Meat Broilers-- Broilers spend the first three weeks indoors for their safety and then are moved outside to pasture in chicken tractors.  Broilers are butchered at seven weeks making the meat very tender and delivered fresh to customers same day--not frozen.  Broilers are butchered at a state inspected facility and are "air chilled"  which aids in contamination issue concerns and adds no weight to customers as in water chilling.

I have farmed the same land for 30 years. Fertilizer is from my livestock, rabbit and poultry. Livestock are fed medication free feed as close to organic as possible. I use no pesticides or herbicides. Weed control is by hand tilling and natural ground cover of the garden crops. I will provide eggs from my free ranging hens, vegetables, poultry and rabbit as a la carte.

Onion Creek Farm

Joe Lynch, Lonna Nachtigal

onion creek farm Onion Creek Farm is located just northwest of Ames.  We have been growing good food for our local market using earth friendly methods since 1998. We raise onions, garlic, herbs, leeks, green beans, greens, salad mix, and heirloom tomatoes. This season we will offer our produce as "a la carte".

Pauls Grains

Steve and Teresa Paul

 Since 1964, our family has raised and marketed grains without the use of chemicals on the soil, on the plants in the field, or in the storage bins. Grain that we cannot raise is bought from farmers who do likewise.    We will be delivering to the Farm to Folk distribution site two or three times this year. For a complete list of products and prices see our website.  Watch the newsletter and order page for our delivery dates.

Picket Fence Creamery

Jeff, Jill, Jenna and James Burkhart



Picket Fence Creamery is a family owned and operated, licensed and inspected Grade A dairy farm and bottling plant located just 20 minutes southwest of Ames near Woodward. Jeff, Jill, Jenna and James Burkhart offer locally produced, very high quality dairy products that are 100% natural, free of artificial hormones, and from cows that graze chemical free pastures.

Picket Fence milk is vat pasteurized (lower temperature to retain flavor and nutrients), and non-homogenized (cream will rise to the top). The Burkharts started their dairy over 30 years ago, and are in their 11th year of bottling. Products include skim, 2%, and whole milk, cream, six varieties of fresh white cheddar cheese curds (plain, dill, garden herb, garlic, hot pepper and bacon), Neva's cheese ball, and "the best darned chocolate milk this side of the Milky Way!" Their farm store offers the dairy products, local grass fed beef, and other meats and foods from over 100 Iowa families. Store hours are Monday-Saturday, 8am to 8pm, and one Sample Sunday a month from noon to 5pm. For information, go to, call 515-438-2697, or email

We offer our products both as a dairy share and "a la carte".

7 Pines Farm

Dan and Julie Beougher

7pinesfarm 7 Pines Farm is a small 11 acre USDA Certified Organic farm*. We believe in
sustainable farming and free range livestock practices. We strive to provide quality fresh and chemical free produce for local families through CSAs, farmers markets and retail sales.We started farming our property in 2008 and have been expanding ever since. We will offer both CSA shares and a la carte for 2015.

We are a licensed food manufacturing plant and produce a line of products under the Backyard Flavors label. We currently manufacture our pickled sweet jalapenos, salsa, and a variety of dip mixes and will offer these items on the a la carte menu. *(manufactured products are not certified organic). We also do catering using as much of our own and local produce as possible.

Sweet Jalapenos - $5.00
Sweet with a little heat. Pickled jalapeno slices. Great on hamburgers, hot dogs, deli sandwiches, tuna salad or right out of the jar. Mix with cream cheese for a delicious appetizer.  12 oz jar.
Medium Salsa - $5.00
All natural homemade salsa. Great refreshing taste. Serve with chips, tacos, chicken or eggs. 16 oz jar.
Hot Salsa - $5.00
All natural homemade salsa. Great refreshing taste. Serve with chips, tacos, chicken or eggs.  Same great recipe as our Medium Salsa with a little more heat.  16 oz jar.
Jalapeno Jelly - $5.00
You won't believe it's Jalapenos. Great for a quick snack on cream cheese and crackers. Also tasty cooked with a pork loin. Ingredients: Peppers, Sugar, Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Pectin. 8 oz jar.
Beer Bread Mix - $5.00
A real taste of the country in our original flavor Beer Bread. Add one can of your favorite beer. Each bag makes one loaf. Ingredients: (non-Iowa) flour, sugar, salt, baking powder.
Herb Beer Bread Mix - $5.00
A taste of the country in our Herb Beer Bread. Each package makes one loaf. Just add one can of your favorite beer. Ingredients: (non-Iowa) Flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, italian spices.
Veggie Dip Mix - $4.00
This dip mix tastes like a cornucopia of fresh veggies bursting with flavor! To make a dip add two cups sour cream. To make a cheeseball or spread add two bricks of cream cheese. Ingredients: (non-Iowa) Buttermilk, Dehydrated Vegetables: celery, carrots, tomatoes,
red & green peppers, parsley & onion.

Toasted Bacon Onion Dip Mix - $4.00
What tastes better than the taste of Bacon and Onion? This dip mix! Great on Everything! Try it on your next sandwich! To make a dip add two cups sour cream. To make a cheeseball or spread add 2 bricks of cream cheese. Ingredients: (non-Iowa) Bacon bits, onion, hickory smoke, salt, garlic, parsley.
Garlic Butter Dipping Oil Mix - $4.00
The perfect blend of herbs, spices, and garlic. Mix with pure olive oil and serve with crusty bread cubes. Also use our seasoning mix for shrimp scampi, garlic cheese bread, garlic mashed potatoes or a meat marinade for pork, chicken or beef. Ingredients (non-Iowa): garlic, onion, sea salt, spices, and dried butter.
Creamy Spinach Dip Mix - $4.00
It’s creamy, mouth-watering flavor makes other spinach dips green with envy. Add 2 cups sour cream to make a dip or 2 bricks of cream cheese for a cheeseball or spread. Ingredients (non-Iowa): buttermilk, spinach butter flavoring, salt, onion, onion powder, parmesan cheese, garlic.
Sun-Dried Tomato Basil Dip Mix - $4.00
If you are a Basil or Sun Dried Tomato fan you'll love this dip. Add two cups sour cream to make a dip or two bricks of cream cheese to make a cheeseball or spread. Great on bagels. Ingredients: (non-Iowa) Tomato powder, sugar, salt, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, paprika, basil, pepper.
Bacon Horseradish Dip Mix - $4.00
On the most requested list! This truly heavenly horseradish dip mix has a smooth bite with a cool aftertaste. A traditional favorite as a seasoning on roast beef or steak! Prepare it as a great dip and it is also wonderful on sandwiches or wraps. Add two cups sour cream to make and dip or two bricks of cream cheese to make a cheeseball or spread. Ingredients: (non-Iowa) bacon bits, dehydrated horseradish, salt, hickory smoke salt, broth, mustard parsley.
Sicilian Dipping Oil Mix - $4.00
Order number of packages. The perfect blend of herbs, spices, garlic, and red pepper. Mix our spice package with pure olive oil and serve with crusty bread cubes. Our spice mix also makes a great marinade for Pork, Chicken or Beef. Ingredients (non-Iowa): red pepper, black pepper, oregano, rosemary, basil, parsley, garlic and salt.


TableTop Farm

Sally and Luke Gran

TableTop Farm Website
Facebook Page
The TableTop strives to grow vegetables that are top-notch in flavor and quality for customers in central Iowa. Our practices are focused on nourishing and sustaining our land, our community, and everyone who is a part of our farm.
Located just a few miles southeast of Nevada, Iowa, our “flat as a tabletop” land overlooks the East Indian Creek valley.
TableTop Farm will not offer CSA shares for 2015. Watch for updates on this farm.

Questions? Contact us at: 515.291.8727,

Wallace Farms and Nick's Wild Fish

Nick Wallace


Wallace Farms is offering organic grass fed beef, "Fresh Air" pork, certified organic chickens, Pastureland butter and pasture raised turkeys. We also offer seafood.

Nick delivers to Ames monthly, usually on the fourth Tuesday. Watch the order page and newsletter for delivery dates.




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