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By joining Farm to Folk you will be able to purchase CSA shares and a la carte items directly from the farmers. Farm to Folk facilitates the distribution of the produce, but does not take ownership of products at anytime. To join Farm to Folk, please fill out the following form.

2015 CSA information is on the form! Tuesday pick up site is United Church of Christ, 217 Sixth St in Ames. We may offer a Story City pick up if there is sufficient interest. Check box below if interested.

Lee's Greens is offering two greens share options beginning in late October and lasting for 30 weeks. The lettuce option includes a half pound bag of mixed leaf lettuce each week. The assorted greens share includes a half pound bag of one of the following; red kale, green kale, leaf lettuce, arugula, chard, spinach each week on rotation. New this season is the Greens Plus share which in addition to 30 weeks of greens, it includes 3 qts of strawberries and 5 weeks of other early spring produce in the spring. You can still sign up for the greens shares at a pro-rated price.

Upon submitting the form below, you will soon receive an email confirming your status. After you are confirmed mail your payment to: Farm to Folk, 15219 590th Ave, Story City, IA 50248.

Annual membership $15
Elizabella Flower Farm weekly bouquet-sold out $190
Elizabella Flower Farm every other week bouquet--sold out $95
Elizabella Flower Farm monthly bouquet-sold out $55
The Homestead Full Share-canceled for 2015 $465
The Homestead Double share-canceled for 2015 $875
Iowa Fresh 2015 Full share -sold out $430
Iowa Fresh 2015 Summer share -sold out $315
Lee's Greens fruit/veggie CSA share (mid May-mid Oct) $440
Lee's Greens fruit/veggie half CSA share $240
Seven Pines Certified Organic CSA share (18-20 weeks beginning mid May) $435
a la carte account -- suggested initial deposit $50
Picket Fence Dairy share 10 wk 20 wk
half gal skim $33 $66
gal skim $44 $88
half gal 2% $33 $66
gal 2% $44 $88
half gal whole $33 $66
gal whole $44 $88
12 oz cream $23 $46
quart cream $77 $154
quart ice cream $55 $110


  • 2015 Farm to Folk Membership Form

  • Contact information

  • If you are splitting a share with someone, please enter their contact information below.

  • Product Selection

  • The greens share is one 8oz bag of greens or lettuce each week for 30 weeks. The lettuce share will be lettuce every week and the assorted greens will be a rotation of one of the following greens each week; red kale, green kale, lettuce mix, spinach, Swiss chard or arugula.

    The Greens Plus share is as above plus 3 quarts of strawberries and 5 weeks of assorted early spring produce such as turnips, radishes, rhubarb etc. delivered next spring.

  • For the dairy shares please enter the quantity desired each week. ie 1 gal skim, 1 gal 2% etc. Your confirmation will give you a total amount due for the quantities ordered.

  • 2015 CSA share options--$100 deposit/share to hold

  • Half shares are not offered by all the producers, but we can help you find a partner to split a share if you like. Right now we have a request for a partner to split a Homestead CSA share. Make a note in the special request box below.
  • Member agreement: I would like to become a member of Farm to Folk. I understand that farming is not exact and that I will share in both the bounty and risks of the farmers. I further understand that I am purchasing directly from the farmers, who agree to tend to the planting, cultivating, and harvesting of produce to the best of their ability and cannot be held liable for adverse growing conditions. It is my responsibility to read newsletters and updates from the farmers and organizers to be aware of important information and to pick up my shares at the appropriate time and place. Food not picked up will be donated to a local food pantry. By submitting this form you agree with the above statements.

    You will receive an email confirming your status and giving you a total due, with instructions on how to make payment.

  • Should be Empty:

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